Ami Bhat is a fabulous travel writer who shares her experience, culture, and passion with a record to her viewers. Her adventure begins with her love to discover more places. Known as a Restless Ball of Energy, she is a post-graduate in Marketing by qualification and a beautiful travel blogger by passion. You can see the energy radiating from her writing style through her blogs.

She loves the outdoors, beaches, hill stations, and when it comes to heritage destinations, she gets arrested by the sheer beauty. Her blogs help other travelers and readers explore the places virtually and physically as they take up the challenge to discover the unexplored.

Ludo Holiday is a holiday company specializing in encouraging homemakers and working women to take up solo travel to exotic places. From Bali to Malaysia, the company takes care of every little detail that travelers might need in their itinerary. The Ludo Holiday team is in love with Ami Bhat and her achievements in the travel blogosphere. Our team is diligently following her dedication in traveling to exotic and heritage places with her sensational work.

Our writers are inspired by her works and love to share their experiences through pen and paper. Our main goal is to push women from their comfort zone and get curious about the world around them. This can be achieved by creating a safe environment for them to travel alone to different places. Spending money, taking pictures, and returning home with a new glow is all part of the plan.

This is where Ami Bhat's writing style enters the arena. If you have read her blog, you would understand what we are talking about. Each experience enlivens your moments and changes your imagination and perception to new determination. Her writing style helps people make an intelligent decision to acquire a different sense of taste in discovering new local dishes, cultures, and destinations. Ultimately, at Ludo Holidays, we strive hard to capture the hearts of solo women travelers who are hesitant to take a step forward towards unexplored places.