"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." There are plenty of reasons people travel to certain places; it may be for vacation or business. But people who make their life's mission and passion for traveling or entirely on another level. Not only do they make sweet memories, but they also leave footprints. One such person who has made traveling a passion is none other than Ami Bhat.

An influential marketing professional by qualification and a passionate travel blogger on the other side, she enjoys photography and playing badminton or swimming. What sets her apart from others is that she travels to see places and experience new cultures and keeps a track record, and share it with the world by spicing it up.

Ami Bhat is a female traveler hailing from Gujarat, currently residing in Bangalore. With 15 years of corporate experience in marketing and branding, she has become an independent marketing consultant and a full-time travel writer. With more than 16k followers on Instagram, she influences people to be better travelers with her compulsive travel planner.

The Beginning of Her Blog - Thriller Travel

Ami Bhat has started long before writing on travel topics for various websites. Her passion for travel began when she was small, where her parents always take short trips on weekends. Due to many responsibilities, she could not pursue her writing for long, but later set up her travel blog to share personal stories and give exciting tips to fellow travelers.

Her First Step to Appreciation

Ami wrote the first-ever blog about her day trip to Lepaskhi. Due to the quality of content and research, she received a lot of appreciation from her readers. Currently, the blog post on travel is doing well with good traffic and several readers. To those who are aspiring to become a full-time blogger, Ami's advice is, "Have patience - nothing can be achieved overnight. Consistency is the key to blogging. Keep churning out good and original content at regular intervals." Overall, we liked the way her content inspires people to travel and provides vivid details about each experience, making the readers envision it themselves. Stay tuned to know more about the next traveler. We thank the contribution of Ami Bhat who has inspired many travelers and writers.