We have come across some talented travel bloggers who impact the society in a positive way. The chosen passionate travellers are the ones who love to explore and spread untold human stories through their journey towards offbeat places. One of them is none other than the celebrated travel journalist Archana Singh.

As a multiple award-winning writer, she is not only a travel blogger, but also a brand consultant, photographer, public speaker, and influencer! In her very candid interview, Archana revealed that the secret behind her passionate writing stems from the first-hand experiencing of a place.

With over 15 years of experience, Archana Singh is a brand management expert by profession and also an avid traveler by heart who documents her experience inspiring the readers. Committed to working on issues related to women empowerment, social inclusion of the underprivileged, and responsible tourism, she is a multi-talented force to be reckoned with. As a top travel influencer in India, Archana Singh has a way with words and regularly speaks at global conferences like ATWS, WTMATM, Photo tourism Conference & Awards, TBEX, and many more.

Her contribution has helped tourism grow in the market rapidly by writing to publications in India, the UK, the US, Middle East, and more. Traveling with a purpose and churning out stories is the iconic mark for her writing style. Carving out her candid travel experience is what made her blogging career into a branded niche.

With integrity, authenticity, and unique personality attract many people; she has the talent to share untold stories in a relatable manner. The beguiling outlook is that she only writes about places that she personally experiences. “ I never tell a story if I don’t have a unique one to share.”

Archana Singh is a one woman army with a massive follower base of more than 45.k followers on Instagram. Traveling to over 60 countries, she keeps on finding compelling stories to tell the readers.

Her blogging process is meticulous, keeping in mind that she plans her travel six to twelve months before. Since her journey is more extended, ranging to four months, the story comes out naturally beautiful with the local and immersive lifestyle of the native people. We thank the contribution of Archana Singh who has inspired many travelers and writers.