People worldwide dream of a perfect vacation that impacts their perception at least once in a lifetime. According to recent research, 64% of people get inspired by travel videos and then shortlist their next travel destination. Also, 62% of the people who travel for fun and leisure only make the final choice after watching travel vlogs, where the influencer travelers share their experience in a magical form.

At Ludo Holidays, we increasingly focus on the opinion of amazing bloggers who share their passion through enthusiasm with the public. Thanks to social media and other platforms, people can easily make an informed decision through their smartphones. As blogging is a trend now, today's travelers look for them as sources of inspiration for vacation planning.

When it comes to travel bloggers' influence, it is obvious how they inspire a sense of adventure to the people. Take Archana Singh , for example, as a passionate solo journey; her writing style is relevant to readers through many proven experiences that can capture people's hearts with quality stories. Ami Bhat is a fabulous travel writer who inspires people to go backpacking across heritage destinations. These bloggers have a high social media following, and the content is filled with freshness, personality, and interactivity. On the other hand, Renuka Walter encourages women to come out of their comfort zone and explore the world through mind-blowing visits.

Our goal is to collaborate with such great personalities and bring forward the great values of the travel industry. We admire the way blogs are written through real-life experience and woven quality stories. This not only reaches the people from written media but also in the traditional way. Ultimately, Ludo Holidays is striving hard to empower women who are working professionals and proud mothers. Our determination to create a safe space for them and enjoy a weekend full of fun in an exotic place is not far fetched. We are working hard to enrapture the hearts of many people who want to start exploring the world in different ways.