About Us

Who We Are?

  • We are Ludo Ventures, and we've been into "Shaping and Scaling"multiple business entities across Education, Travel & Tourism, Ecommerce, Staffing and Software Industry in India since 2016. We started Ludo Ventures when we saw that multiple business ideas are either dying in the offing or not taking shape due to fear of failing. Entire team at Ludo Ventures firmly believes in "Only thing which is Certain in business is Uncertainty" & "Be Bold, Dare & Do".
    Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal of building 100 successful SaaS entrepreneurs, is achieved. That's our Vision.
    We are on a mission to help SaaS (Software as a Service) businesses find market, product-market fit and customers to scale their ventures so that they don't get lost in the deluge of similar products and services. We help businesses with expertise, funds and other support to enable them to build a self-sustaining business.

Ludo Ventures Pvt Ltd

  • Ludo ventures is the big successful dream that has scaled itself into multiple fields of businessess - Education, Travel and Tourism, Ecommerce, Staffing and Software Industry. We strive to offer the best in everything we do. The company's sole vision is to "Grow Together", always.
    ●Zero Sales Cost
    ●Zero Marketing Cost
    ●Capital Infusion

Our Philosophy

We started with Ludo Digital, selling digital marketing solutions. One day, One of our employees who used to sell lead generation packages to our digital customers was feeling low because he was not liking the Industry to whom we were catering. Sensing that he would leave soon, we had a discussion over a cup of Coffee. His interest, knowledge, love and passion for the travel Industry persuaded us to start Ludo Holidays after careful due diligence & consideration. We followed our philosophy of "Believe in People & Passion" and here Ludo Holidays was born in August 2019.
We believe in nurturing young entrepreneurs who are day dreamers with fire in the belly.
We believe in people who "Dream, Dare and Do". We believe in people who go the extra mile to add "Extra" to "Ordinary"to make customers feel "Extraordinary".

About Ludo Holidayss

Booking a tour Package on your own can be frustrating sometimes and there are so many sites available, the amount of information can be overwhelming, but what might seem simple becomes a chore and a hassle sometimes. At Ludo Travels, we want to give you a smooth experience. When you will book your travel Package with us, you will not just be a customer to us, you become a member of our Ludo Travels family. We care about your travel experience, and thus we work closely with you to ensure that whether you are traveling on a honeymoon trip to Bali or a family vacation to Malaysia, your travel memories are those you will cherish and share for a lifetime.

Ludo Family