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LUDO HOLIDAYS is not your average Travel & Tourism Company. We understand the importance of the holiday you want to plan. Holidays are supposed to be comforting & easy, that can help you relax and de-clutter from the stress of everyday life. We do just that for you! Our Holiday Packages are designed in such a way that allows you to get the fullest of your vacation, explore every corner of the destination in the most easy and hustle- free way. Our USP is that along with our pre- designed travel itineraries, we also offer custom designed itineraries with LAST MINUTE CUSTOMISATIONS that can fit in your budget & mood! You don’t have to go through the hustle of searching for sightseeing locations, or hotels, or famous landmarks. We will do everything for you! With us, you don’t need to worry a bit about anything! Just choose your destination & pack your bags!

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Mrs. Shikha Jain

( Co-founder & COO )

  • Job experience across BFSI & Education
  • Entrepreneurial experience of managing finance, HR & Operations.
  • 10+ years total experience
  • PGDM, Bimtech
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Anand Rai

( C0-founder & COO )

  • 9 Years Business Development experience across Insurance, Dotcom, HRTech as Employee at various positions
  • 7 years entrepreneurial experience of running businesses across HRTech, Skill Development, Digital Marketing Tourism, EV & currently sales acceleration company.
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • PGDM, Bimtech

Meet the Team

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Shubh Garg

( Digital Marketing Manager )

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Anuj Kumar

( Travel Sales Manager )

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Sanjay Kashyap

( Accounts Manager )

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Sadia Anwar

( HR Manager )

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Renu Singh

( Graphic Designer )

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Shiva Chatterjee

( Marketing Intern )

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Anas Khan

( Sales )

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Priyanka Saha

( Travel Sales Executive )

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Yamini Kashyap

( Sales Executive )

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